2017 CyberSecure

Regulatory | Compliance | Risk Management | Privacy | Technology

Join cybersecurity governance & corporate risk management experts from across industries supported by visionaries from legal, technology, insurance and consulting fields.

cyberSecure is a unique cross-industry conference that moves beyond the technology of cyber risk management, data security and privacy. Unlike other cybersecurity events, cyberSecure brings together corporate leaders from multiple function areas who help shape policies, risk management strategy, compliance programs, and an organization’s cyber-incident response playbook. This two day event is designed to educate in-house counsel, compliance and privacy officers, risk managers, and CIO/CISOs about the current cybersecurity challenges affecting your business continuity. Connect with your peers, technology solution providers, law firms and advisory consulting professionals for the latest strategies and tools to strengthen your cyber resiliency in the midst of frequent data breaches and prevalent cyber-attacks.

2017 Speakers To Date Include:

Ronald Sarian, Vice President and General Counsel - eHarmony, Inc.
Kevin Fumai, Managing Counsel - Oracle
Michael Avalos, Assistant General Counsel - AIG 
Farrah Zaman, Senior Counsel - Nielsen
Justin Castillo, Head of Legal - BT Americas
Noga Rosenthal, Chief Privacy Officer - Epsilon
Marc Berger, General Counsel - Flat Iron Health
Monique Edwards, Assistant General Counsel - Honeywell
Daniel Pepper, VP & Deputy General Counsel - Comcast Corporation
Brian Corbin, VP & Assistant General Counsel - JPMorgan Chase
Adam Rubin, General Counsel - PrizeLogic
Antonious Porch, General Counsel - Shazam
Ryan Lobato, Corporate Counsel - ExxonMobil
Alexander Greenberg, Head of IP and CyberSecurity Legal - Barclays
Kimberly Goldberg, Assistant General Counsel - Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield
Michal Rosenn, General Counsel - Kickstarter
Elise Houlik, Assistant General Counsel - Fannie Mae
Hugeo Teufel, Senior Counsel - Raytheon
David Peach, CIO - The Economist
Catherine Mulrow - Peattie, Lead Counsel Enterprise Security Solutions - MasterCard
Holly Brady, Senior Counsel - Altria Client Services
Jonathan Wright, Chief Legal Officer & General Counsel - QPharma 
Allison Dodd, Senior Counsel - White Wave Foods Company

This conference will dive into the latest cybersecurity challenges and regulatory changes affecting all industries.
Risk Management:
  • Negligent insider threats--Collaborating and educating stakeholders across the organization on cyber threats and cyber risk management strategy
  • Ransomware--The growing sophistication of cyber-attacks, such as WannaCry, has crippled some of the largest law firms and multinational corporations in the last year; hear lessons learned in recovery and response
  • Cyber insurance--Reassessing your cyber insurance policy to ensure all bases are covered
Regulatory Changes and Effects:
  • Navigating the complexity of state, federal and international regulation requirements; rebuilding your compliance program to avoid costly penalties
  • Commercial litigation—addressing the increased litigation spending post data breaches, vendor disputes and technology patent law suits
Industry-specific and Technical Topics:
  • The supply chain dilemma—examination of unique cybersecurity threats in the supply chain and other operational technology
  • Combatting exploitation of employee benefit plan information in targeted attacks
  • Evaluating patterns and trends of past cybersecurity incidents
  • Benchmarking your organization’s cyber resiliency
Crisis Management:
  • Stress testing your crisis management strategies; tactics for mitigating data breach damages
  • Government investigations—best practices for collaborating with government and federal agencies post cyber-attack.
Data Governance:
  • IoT and the cloud—discussion of ethical and security challenges of IoT (interconnected systems) and personal devices at work
  • Managing third party vendor risk—the benefits of vendor risk classification and screening
  • Working with the C-Suite--setting risk responsibility across the organization to improve first line of defense
Meet your peers from various departments who influence and manage data privacy, cyber risk, compliance strategies, and educate employees and C-Suite on cybersecurity initiatives.


In-house Counsel/Corporate Counsel

Privacy & Compliance Officers

Risk Manager




"Good Insight from inside legal organizations."

"Great information across different industries."

"Informative as well as a great place to network and meet industry professionals."

"A very organized facilitation of numerous companies from a diverse background and it all came together nicely."


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